If you are wondering on which site to play roulette , know that you are in the right place, casino allows you to play for free and gives access to the best partners for real mode. But before rushing, you have to know a minimum of the rules!

Rules to play online roulette site

The rules of rouletteare very easy to remember. The land version is identical to the online version and offers the same odds of winning which will depend on the variant used and your type of bet. A cylinder contains cells numbered from 1 to 36 colored alternately in red and black. Box 0 is green and allows the casino to keep an advantage over the player. The object of the game is to bet on the next number or group of numbers coming out. There are all kinds of different combinations to bet where the odds of winning vary more or less.

To put it simply, the more risk you take, the more likely you are to win big. Take risks in online roulettecan mean targeting a single number. In this case, if you are right, you will win 35 times your initial bet. A less risky bet would consist for example to bet on a color (red or black), this bet represents a simple chance and gives you the possibility of doubling your stake. Once your bet has been placed, the dealer throws a ball and spins the cylinder until it stops on one of the roulette squares.

Below are the most common bets for European roulette :

  • The Full Number: When you wager on a single number, this bet allows you to win 35 times your stake if you hit it right.
  • The two numbers on horseback: When betting on two numbers, place your bet on the line between the two numbers, this bet can make you win 17 times your stake.
  • The square: When you place your bet at the corner of 4 numbers, win 8 times your bet if one of the selected numbers is out.
  • The column: Bet on one of the 3 columns present in the game and thus try to win 2 times your bet.
  • Simple odds: These simple odds allow you to double your bet, in all cases, you will bet half the table except 0. We can mention Red / Black, Even / Odd or Miss / Pass.

There are many other ways to bet on free electronic roulettewith in particular the betting systems and figures which may vary the probability of winning. You may have heard of the La Martingale method or the Fibonacci sequence before. By testing free roulette in demo mode, you can learn new strategies to reduce the house advantage and thus optimize your chances of winning. Only play at reliable and secure online casinos that guarantee a fair payout rate. Do not believe in miracle techniques that will only make you lose your money in the long run. Roulette should remain an entertainment game like slots and blackjack and should not be seen as a way to make easy money. Take advantage of online roulette bonuses to try your luck in real mode!