Online casinos often offer more variations than land-based casinos like partouche free roulette , you will have the opportunity to play roulette online without download and for real money in multiple ways and sometimes even with exceptional bonuses. It is good to be interested in the variants of roulette games to know the advantages and disadvantages of each type, here are those that are found most often.

European Roulette:

The European online roulette is probably the most popular and the one we recommend that you use for your online parties. This is because the house advantage is lower than that of American roulette. For simple luck, you will have a 48.6% chance of winning.

American Roulette:

The American roulette comes from the United States and has the particularity to include an additional green box: the double 0 has the effect of increasing the house advantage and therefore lessen your chances of winning. Thus, you will have no interest in playing this version online, this variant is still very common in Las Vegas casinos. On a single chance, your odds of winning are 47.4%.

French Roulette:

The French roulette or French roulette is a derivative of the European roulette, present mainly in the casinos of Monte-Carlo, it offers additional rules which bring an additional advantage to the player. The rule of sharing and putting in prison are only available on simple odds and allow you to recover your stake in the event of a 0 going out. You can test this roulette online for free to learn more about the differences this game has.

English Roulette:

The Roulette is similar to the French roulette with some changes in the organization of the game. The cylinder is always made up of 37 squares ranging from 0 to 36. The difference is that each player has his own color of chips which he will buy at the cash desk or at the table before the game. The table can accommodate a maximum of 7 players, the stack will also have some differences, but the stakes and the winnings remain unchanged. If the 0 comes out and you bet on it, you win 35 times the stake, otherwise the single odds lose half the stake.

The Electronic Rouletteis identical, the advantage is mainly related to the speed of the game compared to the classic version with the dealer, but without the contact with the people around you. While playing online, you will find various demo examples of English roulette, concretely playing this variant online is the same as playing the electronic version in a land-based casino. The advantage of our guide is that you can test several of them for free.

Roulette Royale:

The free game roulette royale consists of a progressive jackpot that you can win at any time. You will have a succession of wins to achieve to win this jackpot. Each time you bet, a small part is added to a global jackpot which will be triggered randomly. This variant is interesting in real mode.

Roulette Live:

Online casinos now offer live online roulette play with a dealer. Players greatly appreciate this new way of playing which has the effect of reassuring about the reliability and safety of table games and gives us a more lively experience by having direct contact with the staff of a real casino.

Please note, it is important to note that free live roulettedoes not exist, it would be like entering a land-based casino and asking the croupier to play for fake! Already it is complicated for them to manage the tokens of real players, imagine the complexity with more players in demo mode! You can only play roulette online on our guide, but it will not be live, otherwise to play roulette online with a dealer , you will necessarily have to go to an online casino offering this category of game.


We could compare this version to the ball game but with 13 squares. This miniature variant is simplified but the house advantage is far superior to the other versions. Not recommended in real mode.

3D Roulette:

3D roulette will provide a more intense visual experience and improved graphics.