In modern gambling establishments in Canada, which are located on the World Wide Web and provide reliable access for local players, you can find a wide variety of gambling entertainment, among which this type queen of gambling can be called very popular. The famous French Roulette online has a rather rich history, and every active user can try the game in free mode on a special simulator to practice bets and learn the rules inherent in the Flash game.

This entertainment is currently deservedly considered the most generous, since the advantage of the casino in this case is quite minimal. All participants play against the gaming club and their main task is to choose the right cell in which, in their opinion, the ball can stop. A person is allowed to place certain bets, which are divided into internal and external ones. You can also use several special rules that exist only in this type of Roulette and significantly increase the chances of winning.

Features of free French Roulette online simulator

In order to explore the functionality of this entertainment as thoroughly as possible, usually novice Canadian players choose a free online French Roulette game on a convenient simulator, where, without risking losing their own money, they can safely experiment with bets, master the rules and all the interesting nuances. Here are some of the notable features of this addictive game program:

  1. The developers of such simulators provided the players with maximum comfort during the game and a high level of recoil, the limit of which is usually from 96% and above. Some individual rules can be implemented here, which greatly help to understand the essence of the game for future real money wins.
  2. True fans of French Roulette online have the opportunity to place any suitable bets, which are usually indicated here in French. In special pay tables, the main odds and probabilities of winning a particular bet are indicated.
  3. The layout of the game table looks quite original, where, using a user-friendly interface, it is very easy to place your own chips on a certain field. Each person has access to a variety of options, with which you can cancel the previous bet, repeat the round, double the stake or set it up again.
  4. This game project can be safely used both in the browser of a personal computer, and can be quickly installed on mobile devices with various operating systems in order to be able to play on the go.

This unique software can be confidently called the most original version of this type of Roulette, it has been tested by specialists a large number of times, therefore it is distinguished by its reliability and decent profitability. For a better understanding of the game process, a corresponding description is always placed here.

Basic rules of French Roulette

Those Canadians who want to achieve huge positive success in French Roulette online casino should definitely study the rules that are found in themed Flash games:

  • The game wheel here is divided into 37 sectors of red and black colors, and there is also one green 0;
  • The game has ten main bets (Plein, Cheval, Transversale pleine, CarrĂ©, Transversale simple, Colonne, Douzaine, Pair / Inpair, Passe / Manque and Rogue / Noir) indicated in French. Verbal bets are also allowed;
  • The positive features of this type of Roulette lie in the application of two special rules here (En Prison and La Partage), which significantly minimizes the house edge to 1.35%.

Each round begins with the players making certain bets. Then the wheel is given a spin and a ball is thrown in, which, after stopping, will indicate the winning cell.