If you’re looking for a flexible hobby, that you’ll be able to access anytime you want and get some bright positive emotions – you totally should consider gambling. With quick development of an Internet, gambling reached a new level of popularity and got the biggest auditory ever. Colorful, thrilling and exciting games can bright up your day easily, and as a pleasant bonus – fill your pockets with extra money. You can play games on luck or skillful games, depending on your own preferences and tastes. Or, you can play games of combined genres, that has elements of luck and skill at the same time.

For example, roulette. From the first sight, roulette is a game, where you should fully rely on the luck, since you can’t really predict the ending of the round. At the same time, knowing right bets and combinations, you’ll be able to make successful predictions and win real money. In this article we’ll be talking about gambling online roulette rules and discover main bets that you can make, playing this game.

Main rules of the online roulette game

Roulette – is one of the easiest games to master, even if you’re a beginner, and you’ve never played gambling games before. Basically, all you need to do is to remind all types of bets and their rank of profit, so you’ll be able to be flexible and make a bet, depending on the situation.

And of course, you need to take care of providing yourself comfortable conditions to play: choose an online casino that is totally legal, has a huge variety of games, an active community and a client support service, high win rate and payout percentages, and of course – very attractive bonus system.

Once you’re done with choosing a great gambling platform and getting familiar with main roulette bets, you can freely get familiar with casino roulette rules:

  • First thing that you should remember, studying what is casino games roulette rules, is to never forget buying chips before the beginning of the round. If you forgot – you won’t be able to get them at the middle of the game;
  • Having chips, you can choose what bet you would like to make and place a certain amount of chips on it;
  • Then, the dealer will spin the wheel and after a couple of seconds you’ll see what numbers became lucky ones;
  • If your prediction was correct – you can take your money, if no – you always can try again;

As you can see, the rules of the roulette game are very simple, and it won’t take you much time to understand how it all works. The next step is a practice, where you can sharp up your skill.

Main bets of the roulette game

A little more complicated task – is reminding all types of bets, but with an experience you’ll get used to it eventually. We’ve prepared a list of the most popular bets for you:

  1. Straight up – is one of the most common bets, that you’ve probably seen, studying casino games roulette rules. It’s basically a bet on a winning number – from 1 to 36;
  2. Split bet – is bet on two numbers, placed next to each other on the board. The payment is 1 to 18;
  3. Corner bet – is a bet on 4 numbers, placed next to each other on the board. Payout is 1 to 9;
  4. Street – is a bet on three numbers, placed on one line. The payment is 1 to 11;

Surely, it’s only a little part of all bets that you can make in the roulette game. So, if you’re interested – don’t hesitate and try your first game, and then if you liked it – examine more detailed information.